All those engaged in the advertising industry – media and advertising agencies, advertisers, artists, photographers, advertising researchers, freelancers or other suppliers to the industry, are all eligible. In the main they must be connected with the advertising function in each company. When a new application for assistance is received, the circumstances are thoroughly reviewed by the Relief Validating Committee that decides what, if any, assistance should be given. Each case is allocated and referred to by a number to preserve the anonymity of the recipient. The identity of the beneficiaries is known to the Relief Validating Committee and to no one else.

How do you apply?

Applicants apply via email to the ABF. On receipt of enquiry, application forms are forwarded to the client which need to be completed – this includes the completion of a financial questionnaire. These are then forwarded to the social worker who determines the authenticity of the claim. The social worker will then make a recommendation in terms of how, and how much we need to help this person. The case is then presented to the validation committee for discussion and further action. On some occasions, one on one counselling services is all that is needed.
Once the decision of financial aid is concluded, and the funds have been authorised by the acting president and treasurer, payment is made via EFT.

How is the amount determined?

The amount is based on the recommendations of our social workers; the merit of the application and the ABF’s availability of funds. Although we have a guideline like a maximum amount we would donate to help with funeral expenses etc we also take into consideration other sources of income or other avenues where funds could be generated for this person. We try to keep recipients for a maximum period of three months. During this time we keep close tabs with them on a monthly basis to see if their situation changes.

Can you apply for help from ABF if you have any other source of income?

Yes, we do not exclude applicants if they have other sources of income of whatever nature (salary, UIF, pensions, grants etc.) We assess the financial situation in its entirety, and might still help to a small extent even if someone has other income avenues. We do try and point applicants in the right direction if we feel they could also receive help from other sources to lessen the burden on the ABF (like social grants, the Jewish helping hand or other welfare funds).