The Executive Committee currently consists of:

  • Olav Westphal (President)
  • John Bowles (Validation)
  • Riana Stander (Treasurer)
  • Chirene Campbell (publicity and communications)
  • Mauro Black (fundraising)
  • Donvey Viljoen (fundraising)
  • Lucy Matshili (fundraising)

The ABF should ideally be representative of various sections within the industry including advertisers, media owners, PR agencies, advertising agencies, market research companies, supply houses, freelancers, etc. A representative committee is one of the challenges faced by the ABF.

With the exception of our paid officials, which includes the treasurer and two social workers, all serve in an entirely voluntary capacity.

While the fund is based in Johannesburg, regional branches administer local aspects of the ABF’s work in Durban. We are in the process of re-establishing a presence in Cape Town.